"I'm a multifaceted contemporary abstract artist that uses sound and music to produce artwork. I'm just embarking on creating sound arrangements using modular synthesis and unusual electronic equipment to create soundscapes that I then abstract from. I produce paintings, sculpture and sound using a multi media ethos, bringing varying art forms together in a language of sonic and visual communication."

Next Collection For 2017

The ‘Vostok Deluxe Collection’ is the project I’m currently working on. I’m composing sound arrangements using only one modular synthesiser (the Vostok) and a sampler. I will sample the sounds I create from this wild and weird beast and layer them together into a soundscape that I will then paint a collection too.  I’m looking forward to this project and I will be documenting the whole process with my Vlog, this will start at the beginning of July 2017, head to my youtube channel if you are interested. There will also be a performance video of me playing the sound arrangements live and the painting of the artwork. 

The last collection 'Cinematic' more information here

My Vlog of what I get up to!

 What artists do all day Ep1  (2 March 2017)

What artists do all day Ep1  (11 March 2017)

What artists do all day Ep1  (19 March 2017)

The limited edition of Rhythm (Incredible Sound) has now been released for sale - more details here.. 
(As seen in GQ magazine.)

Past Exhibitions

The Rhythm exhibition was held at 90 Piccadilly London on the 9th June 2016

Above: Pictures and a video from The 'Rhythm' Exhibition held by Imitate Modern opening night 1st June 2016 at 90 Piccadilly London. The exhibition was based around a pivotal piece of my work entitled 'Rhythm Incredible Sound'.


"All I want to do is connect with people on a primitive level bringing an emotional response to powerful work, It's as simple as that."


It is hard to say what sort of an artist you are, really it is!  Am I an abstract, contemporary, conceptual or multimedia artist? Well, the answer is yes to them all. I love painting, designing, sculpture, video, music and more, the reality of it all is I just love being creative, I always have. If I had to give myself a tag, it would be a creative, I think that is what best describes how I live my life. It also describes the wide variety of creative work that I want to produce on my journey through life. 

I produce painting, sculpture and sound. I work closely with galleries, architects, interior architects and interior designers to produce powerful gallery work and site-specific artwork, sculpture and installations. I love the challenge of diverse artistic disciplines, and I have a passion for bringing them together to produce pieces of work that make powerful statements.

The DNA of my work is to create engagement, with the aim of connecting with the viewer, drawing them in with the intention to influence their emotional state..........Read move about me and my artwork here.