Veejay Lingiah

CEO at Learning Labs Limited
Founder of Three White Walls (Public Art Gallery) 
Founder and Managing Director of  Artlounge Birmingham & Manchester (Private Gallery) 

Ed created a series of collections and bespoke commissions for The Artlounge galleries in Birmingham and Manchester, including work for a number of high profile corporate clients.

Ed is a highly talented, professional and creative artist - one I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending.

Terry McDermott

Founder and Director at Mcdermott Galleries

Artist Director at Artlounge Birmingham and Manchester 

have collaborated with Ed Ball on a number of commissions both here and in the States. Ed has had a successful career based on the exciting practice of creating 'action paintings' that interpret sounds that lie primarily within the Dance Music culture. The paintings can range from smaller tryptychs to huge mesmerising canvases full of colour and movement, they are truly visually engaging works of art.. Ed also produces his work on multiples of perspex, different compositions that are then immaculately bolted together in a way that will mimic the layers and instruments within the music. What is always most notable about Ed's work is his attention to detail both in the execution and finish of his work.

Ed has held a number of live action painting events across the UK which have proved to be extremely popular with the public showcasing his natural command of paint and movement, truly an exciting sight to whiteness in a live setting. Having worked with Ed on different projects I’m always amazed by his pure creativity, not just within his current painting style but how he brings a different way of looking at any creative project he tackles. With a wealth of diverse artistic projects he has future plans for it will be intriguing to see where Ed makes his next artistic mark. An interesting individual and on top of all this he is a great guy to work with, always a inspiration and full of motivation!they are truly visually engaging works of art.