Over the last decade, I have chosen music and sound as a powerful driver to express myself in the form of paint. 
My concept is a very uncomplicated one, I paint sound and music! Behind this seemingly simple action, there is a wealth of opportunities, theories and emotions to explore.  

Music and sound are in our DNA, it’s a fundamental part of humanity. It connects with us on a primaeval level and it is one of the most powerful conveyors of none verbal emotion that we have. Music is found in every culture, from the largest cities to the smallest tribes. As an important part of the human connection, music and sound are intimately woven into the fabric of our lives. From a simple calming frequency like 432 Hz that is said to be the natural frequency of the universe. To the most complex of sound arrangements, we move through life not realising how much sound has a profound effect upon us.  
Before setting to work I go through the initial stage of taking time to consider how I can realise a piece of music to become its painted image. I then paint in a very primordial way, relying upon my natural instinct to take the rains in a painting process that is fast-paced and full of sweeping movement and gesture. The painting experience is very visceral, physical and expressive, with the emphasis on just letting it all flow. I just listen, explore and experience the sound, beat and rhythm of the music.

As an evolution of this concept over the last two years, I have been experimenting with creating my own soundscapes based on the obscure underground movement of modular synthesis. I have been using modular synthesizers and ethereal sound equipment to build abstract soundscapes with. I'm also collaborating with exciting modular musicians, my intention is to produce a body of work, painting and installations that are connected and shaped by synthesis, frequency and sound.