25 limited editions of the mesmerising Rhythm (Incredible Sound) has now been released.  Rhythm is a pivotal piece of work that has been faithfully reproduced as a Giclée print on canvas, hand signed with documentation. This is a limited edition of only thirty.  

Rhythm (Incredible Sound)

Size: 150 x 70 cm
Media: Signed Giclée print on canvas
Availability: 16 currently available
Why is Rhythm a pivotal peace of work?: Rhythm was the first large-scale painting that I painted to music back in 2004. It was at the very beginning of myself moving into the style of painting music that has consumed me for the past 14 years. 

The original work is 300cm in length and took 19 litres of paint to bring to life. I have always loved the piece from day one, it has a strong presence, a wonderful balance and a great sense of movement, so I always kept it for myself.  It never went on sale until 2016 when the Imitate Modern Gallery persuaded me to release it as a pivotal piece in their summer exhibition. To mark the occasion I produced a half size limited edition run of Rhythm on canvas. This was a special thing for me and I wanted to get it absolutely right to convey the spirit of the original work. To do this I worked closely with the top art photographers and Giclée print specialists Prudence Cummings of London. Their attention to detail and colour accuracy within the photography process, and also in the Giclée print is immensely impressive. I thank Prudence Cumming for what I can only call an amazing job! To see both the original and limited edition side by side is totally amazing, every colour is absolutely correct and they have even captured the feeling of depth within the piece. It truly captures the spirit, look, and feel of the original.  
After the 2016 show was over I decided I could not bear to sell him, (Rhythm) so I took him back off the market. Rhythm now sits at home with me or is loaned out for various exhibitions and events. I get to be able to give people the joy of potentially owning a child of Rhythm, while I keep the adult! I think that all works out well! :-)   If you would like to know why this piece is so special to me then read my blog on how Rhythm came to be.

All artwork is available directly or via my London gallery Imitate Modern.