A great chance to purchase two extraordinary expressive pieces of artwork from the Cinematic Collection that have previously been held back from sale.

Evolution, Versao Portuense

122 x 84 cm created with oil gloss and acrylic on primed wood fibre board mounted with a shadow gap.

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Close-up Images of the artwork

Man with the movie camera

122 x 84 cm created with oil gloss and acrylic on primed wood fibre board mounted with a shadow gap.

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Close-up images of the artwork

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If you would like to contact me regarding these or any other artwork please call on 07763 067 989. or email here. I can also arrange a skype or facetime call so that you can view the artwork.

About the Work

'Evolution, Versao Portuense' and 'Man With The Movie Camera' were both painted to the music of the Cinematic Orchestra's 'Man with a Movie Camera'. When I had finished painting the collection back in 2016 I fell in love with two pieces so I decided to hold them back for a while, to live with them and enjoy them for a small amount of time. Two years later I'm now releasing them for sale, I truly believe that these are the two strongest pieces in the collection and rather than them going into my London gallery, I have decided to sell them directly to collectors. I have found over the years it is amazing to build direct relationships with owners of my work, that is why I'm releasing them directly.

A bit about me

I'm a multifaceted contemporary abstract artist that uses sound and music to produce artwork. I use musical compositions of other musicians and my own to abstract from, producing paintings, sculpture and sound installations. My aim is to capture the energy, flow and movement of a piece of music in paint, with the goal of connecting with the viewer with something visually engaging.

I live in Hereford and I’m represented in London, I have had exhibitions in recognised galleries throughout the UK and Canada. My work has been collected both privately and by corporates including architects within the UK, USA and Canada.

A Few Quotes From Collectors and Gallery Owners

Leland A. Gray (Architect)
Leland A. Gray Architects USA

“My experience in working with Edward Ball on commissioned artwork has been outstanding. Mr. Ball has exceptional personal artistic talent, but has a compensating personality that allows him to respond to the input of others regarding his artwork for commission purposes. His ability to maintain his own unique style, while at the same time responding to the input of others, is truly a talent not found in most artists.

Our firm has worked with artists from England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Wales, Kenya, the United States and many other countries. Even with all the artists with whom we work, Edward Ball’s work has managed to gain a special attraction to many of our clients and we look forward to seeing his career continue to gain momentum.”

Terence McDermott (Art Consultant)
Gallery Director for the Artlounge & Three White Walls Birmingham & Manchester 2002-2010

“I have collaborated with Ed Ball on a number of commissions both here and in the States. Ed has a successful career based on the exciting practice of creating 'action paintings' that interpret sounds that lie primarily within music culture. The paintings can range from smaller triptychs to huge mesmerising canvases full of colour and movement, they are truly visually engaging works of art.

I have a great deal of respect for Ed’s creativity and the work he has produced within his art practice, but what is always most notable about Ed's work is his attention to detail both in the execution and finish of his work.”

Veejay Lingiah (Entrepreneur/ Director)
Director of Artbrand Holdings Ltd Founder and Managing Director of Artlounge 1998-2008

“Ed created a series of collections and bespoke commissions for The Artlounge galleries in Birmingham and Manchester, including work for a number of high profile corporate clients.

Ed is a highly talented, professional and creative artist - one I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending.”