The Board Racer Special

The Board Racer Special is an design project that I have worked on over the last few years, I know the definition of art negates the creation of objects that have practical considerations of use, but I push against that. I see a lot of design that is in my eyes, pure art as well as having a use.

Originally born to be ridden

The Board Racer was born from myself wanting to rekindle the passion for cycling that I held in my youth. I started looking for my perfect bike but just couldn’t find it. I decided to set about an 18 month research and development mission to shape my perfect ride. 

The bike has been heavily influenced by the board track racers of the late 1920. This was a type of motor sport popular in the USA for over a decade. These great looking motorcycles had evocative lines, dropped handle bars and a race engineered look that was quite intoxicating for me.  This made a direct connection with my vision for the perfect modern classic bicycle, a beautiful blur between art and design with the engineering grace and elegance of an iconic classic. 

This is as much an art project as it is bike design. The Board Racer has gone from being a bike I wanted to ride, to a work of art that sits on my wall too, It's designed to be admired as a central art installation as much as it is a bike.

Artist+Edward+ball+board+track+racer+bike+vintage+Retro+Classic+Modern 4.jpg