The Rhythm Collection

The Rhythm collection was an experimental time when I first drew on the concept of painting to music. This collection spans the period from 2003 to 2010, most of the works are on canvas and Perspex (acrylic sheets) using industrial and household paints.

Over this period I have sold art work that was never photographed and lost images of work I did document. Therefore the images within this gallery are a representation of the work from this period, but unfortunately they are by no means a comprehensive archive of all my work.

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The Beats & B-Sides Collection

The Beats & B-Sides Collection was a small collection painted to Morcheeba for a show in 2010. The show was held at the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery which filled their stairwell area with the vibrant colour-ways of this collection

At the head of the collection was a painting 'The Sea' Painted to the name sake track off Morcheeba's Big Calm album. This was a colossal painting measuring 4x3.5 meters and was specially commissioned for the Museum stairwell area. This collection has just been released for sale in 2014

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