Suitcase Bass (aka Ed Ball) is my alternative musical moniker for all of my experimental sound work on modular and unusual sound equipment. My sonic output, experiments and performances will all reside here. 

This Video is of a test- run of a soundscape that I'm working on. It is from a patch that I have produced using modular synthesis and equipment. Equipment used: Analogue Solutions Fusebox, Analogue Solutions Vostock Deluxe, Eventide Space, Strymon Deco, Expressive E ‎Touché. The soundscape named 'Ascension (Fused Vostock1 )' will be recorded when I have rehearsed the patch more to get the best from it. I will then paint that soundscape on a 1.2mtr canvas. I will be making videos on the patch itself, the final soundscape, and the painting of the artwork.